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Bipolar Rapid Cycling

Rapid cycling comes with many ups and downs.
Bipolar rapid cycling can feel like you are spiraling out of control

For eleven months I have been dealing with bipolar rapid cycling. This is a very confusing, traumatic, and exhausting episode. Most often I experience weeks of depression followed by days or weeks of hypomania, then the situation repeats. There are also days like yesterday when I was depressed, crying in the morning and high as a kite, everything was wonderful by the afternoon. So rapid cycling can happen within weeks or on the same day.

Although I am being treated with mood stabilizers and an antipsychotic, the mood persists. All I can do at the moment is accept my mental illness and how it is manifesting. I continue to communicate with my psychiatrist and keep my weekly appointments with my therapist. I can also help not to exacerbate the problem by ensuring a healthy sleep schedule, taking my medications as prescribed, eating healthy meals, and exercising.

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In what areas of your life could you use a little more insight? Begin by trading judgement for nonjudgmental observation and reaction for thoughtful response, and your eyes of understanding will begin to open. -- Angel Wisdom

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