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My Top Three Symptoms Alerting Me That I Am Hypomanic

Hypomania can feel like not knowing how to get out of a maze or tunnel.
Hypomania can be confusing, frustrating, and frenzied.

The top three symptoms that help me realize I am hypomanic:

  1. Racing thoughts.

  2. Disruption of sleep.

  3. Talking, texting, and writing constantly.

Although hypomania may come with more symptoms such as decreased appetite, elevated mood, and impulsivity the above three are the first indicators that my mood has shifted.

Racing thoughts - my thoughts come in rapid fire. I start thinking about something and before I can form the entire thought another one comes in to take its place. This is constant throughout the day. This leads to continually taking action on thoughts and being unable to complete a task without being led to another.

Disruption of sleep - I have created a regular sleep routine that helps me with my bipolar disorder. It is easy for me to notice if shifts or changes take place, take stock, and, take measures to correct them. Currently, I have a very disjointed sleep schedule, waking frequently. Inhibiting myself from getting a solid 8-9 hours of sleep a night.

Talking, texting, and writing constantly - This can be overwhelming. I feel like I have a motor running in my body compelling me to speak or write my thoughts. I spend a lot of time speaking on the phone and texting continually.

It was even challenging creating this blog because my thoughts are so scattered. Becoming aware of these symptoms helps me monitor my behavior and to alert the professionals in my life, my therapist, and my doctor. Sometimes, because my mood is elevated, it becomes harder to question it. For me, hypomania can easily slide into mania and psychosis. But by taking note of my symptoms I can start to help myself.

Take good care,


The greatest sources of our suffering are the lies we tell ourselves.

-- Abram Kardiner


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