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A First Date

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Healthy relationships are important to my mental health.  It can be hard to know when and how to divulge the presence of a mental illness while dating.
Mental illness in the world of dating.

I am a member of a dating app and I had a first date with a gentleman that I met on the site. We both had to drive a distance to meet as we live far from one another. It was a really nice way to spend an afternoon. He was easy to talk to and it was fun and light. We both agreed that we would like to spend more time together. Since then we have been getting to know one another better through texting and phone calls. We will meet up again next week.

Whenever I meet a new romantic partner I feel conflicted and slightly uncomfortable until I share my story of mental health. I have learned the hard way that for me, this is not a conversation to be had on the first date. But sooner rather than later works for me. I plan on revealing more about my journey on our second date. I like to be face to face when discussing my disorder. It is important for me to share these things and it is just as important to learn about his reaction. I need to be partnered with someone who can firstly handle the information well and secondly trust me that I am diligent about my mental health and I know how to take care of myself. It is not easy becoming so vulnerable and yet t is necessary. If the person has a bad, less than empathetic reaction, I need to know that too. I wouldn't want to be with someone who reacted negatively to the situation. I want to be accepted by the right person for exactly who I am. So it is equally important for both him and me to absorb the information. Wish me luck!

Take good care,


"The greatest sources of our suffering are the lies we tell ourselves. -- Abram Kardiner

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