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Living With Bipolar Disorder Blog

My writings and articles are primarily about my bipolar disorder, depression, manias, treatments, mental health, and living with a mental disease, with some quirky, interesting, and off-topic subjects mixed in for fun.


If you have bipolar disorder, I hope you recognize yourself in these writings. If you have a loved one with bipolar disorder, I hope you find information here that will help you understand them better.

I welcome you to join the Living With Bipolar Disorder community. You can contribute by writing blog posts and by leaving comments. Please see Share Your Story for further details.

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Please note:

As a blogger, I am not a licensed health or mental health practitioner and do not take the place of such. Therefore, I cannot provide medical, psychological, or other services designated for practice by a licensed professional, nor can I provide treatment or give professional advice. A licensed clinician or doctor should be your first stop if you have a physical or mental health problem and want to be diagnosed or treated.

This website's content is offered solely for informational purposes. Nothing on this website is intended to be or should be construed as a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always see a mental health professional, such as a psychiatrist, before acting on anything you read here.

This website may have content that is inappropriate for minors. These writings may contain disturbing topics. If you are prone to triggers, take precautions and decide which subject(s) you must avoid to protect your mental health.

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