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Acceptance of Mental Illness

Accepting mental illness in your life can lead to a happier time, contentment.
Acceptance involves both your heart and mind.

Today and every day I need to accept that I live with bipolar disorder. This doesn't mean that I like it, I just need to accept my reality. Acceptance is a process that I have been working on for several years. I feel a lot better when I can accept my mood and its shifts. There are mood cycles in my life that will come and go, probably until the end of my life. I also need to accept that I have to take medication every day and that the medicine will be adjusted from time to time. I call my doctor the Buddha-Esque psychiatrist. He tells me over and over that acceptance of what is, is one of the keys to a more contented and happy life. While I am in a mixed episode, cycling back and forth between hypomania and depression, I need to accept that my mood disorder will keep producing mood shifts, over and over. I need to remind myself that I have created a large tool kit to help me live my life. The only way out is through. Recently I have tried something new, a twenty-minute YouTube session of Pilates. I hope this will become one of my tools as I really enjoyed it and felt great afterward

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Each person's life is like the pattern of a mosaic. Each thing that happened to you is like one tiny stone in the mosaic, and each tiny stone fits into the perfected pattern of the mosaic of your life. -- 24 Hours A Day

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