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Affirmations For Daily Living

Daily affirmations can help start the day on a good note.
Affirmations are my daily guide to gratitude.

I have a morning routine that I follow each day. Inspirational readings, prayer, meditation, and affirmations. I read the book "Heart Thoughts" by Louise Hay. She suggests saying affirmations in the mirror; while looking yourself directly in the eyes. Also doing so while naked and dressed, loving yourself from head to toe. A good friend of mine taught me to do a great little act. When you pass by a mirror, look in and say "Hi Cutie!" These two words took me many years to accomplish. At one point I covered the only mirror in my place with wrapping paper. I couldn't stand to even glance at myself. With the help of Louise Hay's affirmations and a lot of childhood work and therapy, I can now look at myself in the mirror and say beautiful things to myself. Here are a few of my favorite affirmations.

  • I love and accept myself exactly as I am.

  • I am enough.

  • I am willing to change and grow.

  • I am beautiful, inside and out.

  • I approve of myself.

  • It is safe for me to change.

  • All is well in my world.

  • I am secure, I have deep roots.

  • I deserve love and peace.

You can make a recording of your voice while saying affirmations. Or you can ask a loved one to make the recording, maybe your mother. These sayings help me start my day off on a positive note and often bring me gratitude for all my blessings.

Take good care,


"Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence." -- Erich Fromm

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