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Bipolar Symptoms In Children And Teens

Children with bipolar symptoms.
Signs of bipolar in children and teenagers could be extreme mood swings.

Signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder can be hard to pinpoint in teens and children. Oftentimes it is hard to distinguish normal ups and downs resulting from trauma or stress, and symptoms of bipolar or other mental health conditions.

Children and teenagers could have clear-cut major depressive or manic or hypomanic episodes. The markings can be different from that of adults with bipolar disorder. Moods can quickly change during episodes. And some children or teens may have periods without mood symptoms between episodes.

The leading signs of bipolar disorder in children and teens may manifest as severe changes in mood, unlike their usual mood swings.

If you or someone you love or care for has any symptoms of depression or mania, see a mental health professional and your doctor. Bipolar disorder does not get better on its own, medical attention is needed. You can get help with getting your symptoms under control with the help of mental health professionals who have experience with bipolar disorder.

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