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Can Bipolar Disorder Be Treated Without Medication

A person taking medicine for bipolar disorder
Bipolar Disorder mostly requires medication to help with a more effective life.

A person diagnosed with bipolar disorder needs medication as it is a long-term mental illness. Working with a doctor who specializes in treating bipolar is recommended. When you see a doctor make sure you tell them all of your symptoms. It is very difficult to treat mania while only participating in talk therapy, especially if the person is experiencing psychosis. Often, individuals do not like the side effects of medication such as lethargy and weight gain. I have gained a lot of weight as I take three medications that each cause weight gain. I have decided that I would rather be curvy than end up in the hospital frequently. Many people stop taking their medication due to side effects. The use of medication, support groups, and individual therapy can lead to significant times of stability. All three together can have a big impact on your quality of life. Often when taking medication the severity and frequency of episodes can be lessened. Medication can positively affect your caliber of life. It can not only help your current mood but prevent others from happening. Often if an individual does not use medication they often struggle with key areas of their life such as financial stability, parenting, work, school, and sustaining relationships.

Complications That May Occur If Bipolar Disorder is Untreated

  • Issues related to alcohol and drug abuse

  • Suicide attempts or suicide

  • Financial or legal problems

  • Impaired relationships

  • Trouble performing at work or school

  • More difficult episodes

If you have extreme mood swings I encourage you to see a doctor so they can evaluate and assess your symptoms which will help them make a diagnosis.

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