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Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety can bring up many emotions such as anger, shame and profound sadness.
Depression and anxiety can be overwhelming.

Over the past week, I have been in one of my deepest, darkest depressions. I have been so low and unmotivated that I was not able to participate in my own blog. I need to challenge so many of my beliefs when I am in this darkness. Feelings of unworthiness, hopelessness, and despair. Instead of telling myself what a loser I am, I need to reframe that and tell myself that I am an individual who lives with mental illness and that some periods of time will be hard. My anxiety is tremendous. I walk around with tension in my shoulders, hands, and stomach and the worst physical sensation is that I feel like someone is actually choking me. Past experience teaches me that I can admit I am in crisis and make sure that my doc, therapist, and support system understand that I need extra help right now. I also know that there are things I can do to help myself.

My symptoms of anxiety and depression:

  • Very low mood

  • Tears constantly

  • Feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness.

  • Experiencing suicidal ideation.

  • The physical feeling of being choked.

  • Copious amounts of anger, fear, and shame.

  • Low motivation.

  • Sleeping too much.

Things I can do to help myself:

  • Stay in contact with my support network, both professionals and family and friends.

  • Get outside, and take a walk.

  • Continuously work on using a gentle, patient, and kind voice in my mind.

  • Pray and meditate.

  • Practice yoga.

Practicing self-care can help to boost my mood, even if just a little bit.

Take good care,


"We let go of the burdens that were never ours to carry." -- Unknown

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