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Emotional Support Pets

An emotional support pet is a great way to give and get love on a daily basis.
My Siamese cat is very affectionate.

My son took the steps to get an emotional support animal, a Siamese cat named Pudge. As my son is away for an extended period of time, the cat has become my responsibility. I am intensely enjoying his company. As many cats do, this one only wants to be petted and given attention on his terms. Several times a day he finds me and invites me to give him the affection he needs. Usually, I will stop doing whatever it is and take the time to pet him. It typically lasts three to ten minutes and I don't want to miss the opportunity to bond with him. Although he is still a kitten and very mischievous, I love having him around. It's nice to be needed as I replenish his food and water twice a day and of course, take care of the litter box. I say goodbye to him when I leave the house and the first thing I do when I return home is to call for him. Pudge makes me feel needed and loved. I never knew how much I wanted him around.

Take good care,


"I like to think my purpose in life is to love." -- Jane Nakken

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