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Failed Relationships Due To Mental Illness

Some relationships can not grow with the hardships when one party has mental health issues.
Tension and stress due to poor mental health can lead to failed relationships.

I have created a large support network of my sisters and friends. I am blessed and grateful for each of these relationships. These people support me without judgment, especially during trying times with my mental illness. I have experienced a few important relationships that didn't last in part or in whole due to my mental health issues.

My marriage ended when I was hospitalized for my worst depression. I had suicidal ideation and I also devised a plan. My husband at the time was understandably extremely distressed. We had been together for twenty-one years and about half that time I had numerous hospitalizations, going to the hospital about two times a year. The stress my mental health put on our marriage was extreme. Instead of coming together during the rough times, we grew apart. We eventually got a divorce. Today we have a great relationship. We are good friends that support one another and this contributes to the two of us parenting our two sons cohesively.

I also experienced the loss of my relationship with my brother. He too couldn't understand my darkest symptom of suicidal ideation. A lack of compassion and empathy lead to the destruction of our relationship. He was so caustic, emotionally abusive to me that I needed to end our relationship for my mental well-being. We haven't spoken in over two years.

Although I've needed to let go of some relationships I am lucky to have so many more healthy, supportive friends and family.

Take good care,


So often I have listened to everyone else's truth and tried to make it mine.

-- Liane Cordes


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