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Hypomania Returns

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

I know my symptoms of hypomania and I must monitor a good mood to hopefully avoid full blown mania.
Monitoring a "great" mood is part of my self-care.

Lately, I've been smiling a lot. The good mood I was questioning is definitely hypomania. Everything seems great, even though in reality it is not. I am very talkative, texting, emailing, and making phone calls. I am experiencing pressured speech, impelled to talk or write. I consistently use a one to ten scales to assess my mood.

0_________5_________10. Zero is depressed, five is stable and ten is manic. I am a seven on the scale at the moment. My doctor and I refer to this stage as hypomania, if I cross over into a nine or ten it has morphed into mania. The big differences for me are drastic. When I'm hypomanic I'm still getting decent sleep, elevated mood, and fast physically and mentally. Thoughts are racing and I'm busy getting an unusual amount accomplished throughout the days. When I switch over to mania it becomes very uncomfortable and I experience paranoia, hallucinations and at this point my sleep is way off, getting only a few hours of sleep per night. I need to be very careful and monitor my mood closely so that I can reach out for help before things devolve.

My Hypomanic Symptoms:

  • Abnormally upbeat, jumpy, or wired.

  • Increased activity, energy, or agitation.

  • An exaggerated sense of well-being, and self-confidence. (Euphoria)

  • Decreased need for sleep.

  • Unusual talkativeness.

  • Racing thoughts.

  • Distractibility.

My Manic Symptoms:

  • All of the above

  • Being delusional, having hallucinations, and disturbed or illogical thinking.

This is how my psychiatrist and I define the two different states. If I have three or more of these symptoms I can label my mood. For me the big difference is in hypomania I'm elated and feel good. When manic it is so ramped up that it is no longer comfortable and I can be psychotic as well. I will stick close to my doctor and therapist.

Take good care,


"The world may not be sane, but there is an order to the disorder." -- Angel Wisdom

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