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Irritable, Restless And Discontent

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

There is always love behind the madness.  It may be down the road a bit.  Self-car helps to restore it.
Where's the love?

Today is a day for self-care, being gentle with myself, and practicing self-love. I am irritable, restless, and discontented. It is a mood that is different from depression and makes me think depression is coming. I wonder if this is what a bad day looks like for people who do not suffer from a mental illness. When I hear someone who is not mentally ill say they are having a bad day, I think to myself, how about imagining bad several weeks or months?

Upon waking and a few hours after, I like to assess my mood. Today, things seem backward and upside down. I have completed a few things that would normally boost my mood. It worked temporarily, as I was engaged in them but I reverted right back to the jumbled negative mood afterward. I just have to gently walk through today, maybe tomorrow will be better. The only way out is through.

Take good care,


Watch yourself without judgment and without criticism. Just look at yourself objectively, all the things about you. Just observe. -- Unknown

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