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Locking Away Medication

Weekly pill organizers and a locking cabinet can help save your life and others too.
Various ways to keep medication safe.

Every week I reorganize my weekly pill cases. This only takes a few minutes and ends up saving me time every morning and evening. Handling the medication bottles each week also helps me to know when I need to reorder meds without running out of one or more.

I also keep all of my medication in a locked box that requires a key for entry. I store the key in a safe and out-of-the-way place. This will help keep children or teens from accessing my medication. The locked cabinet also serves another safety purpose. If you are experiencing suicidal ideation and think of the idea to take an overdose of medication you have several barriers in the way. Each step will give you another opportunity to rethink your torturous idea.

First: You have to locate the key, first attempt to change your mind

Second: Then you need to physically unlock the cabinet, the second chance to change your mind.

Third: Then you have to physically get the pills, a third chance to change your mind.

Storing your medication in a locked box may save the lives of curious small children and teens and it may just save your life too.

Take good care,


"Don't you dare betray yourself." -- Brene Brown

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