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Mindfulness And Awareness On The Good Days

The time for gratitude and mindfulness is when you're having a good day.
Enjoying the moment.

I am trying to be very mindful, grateful, and aware of these past two days when I have been feeling well. There is a great divide between how I felt a few days ago, experiencing deep, dark depression, and how I feel the past two days, happy, content, and in a good mood. My bipolar is very fickle and I never know how I'll feel from day to day. My psychiatrist has repeatedly told me how my bipolar disorder is very fragile. Situations triggering to me may only be slightly frustrating to someone else.

This too shall pass. The dark moods will pass just as easily and swiftly as the good moods. So on days like today, I try to stand firm in gratitude and enjoy the moments. This is also the time for me to practice mindfulness to its fullest.

Take good care,


"I can be within the love of my own heart." -- Louise Hay

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