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Note To My Depressed Self

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Don't give up hope, tomorrow will be a new day.
The sun will always rise tomorrow.

This too shall pass. I've found this to be true, the bad times will pass and so will the good times. Just hang on. You are not alone. Call someone you love and who loves you. The sun will rise on a new day and maybe by then or in a couple of days, you will feel better. My history with mental illness illustrates this point. All mood episodes eventually come to an end. You are brave, resilient, strong, and courageous. I know sometimes you do not want to have to be so brave and resilient, to keep some hope alive. I know you think that you will feel like this forever. It's not true. Write a gratitude list even if you can only think of one thing - write it down. Say an affirmation like a mantra. One of my favorites is - I love and accept myself exactly as I am. Do something nice for yourself like take a walk, call or text a friend, or take a bath. Actively counteract the negative chatter in your head. You are worth it.. You are many things. You are not your mental illness, you are not your depression or mania. Know that you are separate and don't listen to the depression when it talks negatively to you.

Hold on tight, sometimes the ride is very sad and dark. This too shall pass.

Take good care,


"Feel your heart opening and know there is room in there for you." -- Louise Hay

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