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Riding The Wave Of Stability

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

When stable and feeling good I need to be mindful and grateful for the stability.  And ride it as long as I can.
Riding the wave of stability.

I have been feeling stable for five days now. And I am trying to be very mindful and grateful and to soak it in and enjoy it. I know this too shall pass. I have a totally different energy when I am feeling stable. I do not have the lethargy and gray/black cloud covering everything as I do during depressive times. And I do not have the frenetic, extreme energy of hypomania or mania. It feels great to feel good. I am able to more easily do things outside of the house, be productive in the house and enjoy the calm while it lasts. Is this how most people feel all the time? Situations still occur in stability, stressful situations, happy occasions, and everything in between. And I am much better equipped to deal with whatever arises as I feel some stability.

Take good care,


"There's something spiritual about laying under the stars on a clear night. The immensity of the universe is enough to put our life into perspective. It can lift the weight of the world from our shoulders."

-- In God's Care, July 25th

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