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Sunrise And A Depressive Episode

The sunrise comes and goes.  So do my moods.
Sunrise over depression.

I am on a beach vacation. I take time away once a year to go to the ocean by myself for a few days. I always wake early for the sunrises over the sea. The beach is my happy place. I feel and experience a power greater than myself when close to the water's edge. Especially at sunrise or sunset. This morning I prayed and meditated for hours at this fantastic spot. I had long moments of serenity, and calm. Just another reminder to my depression, which wants me dead, that this too shall pass. The good times pass and so do the bad, depressive moods.

My depression has abated for the past couple of days. It feels good to be rid of the constant, pervasive, excruciatingly painful negative thoughts. I do not know how long this positive mood will last so I will mindfully pay attention to how I am feeling now. I will enjoy the beach, sand, ocean, shimmering, twinkling light dancing on the waves, and the sea-scented air.

Take good care,


The cure for the pain is in the pain. -- Rumi

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