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Treatment Options

Various types of therapy can be helpful at different times in your life, including group therapy
Group Therapy can be very helpful.

I have been experiencing a prolonged period experiencing a nine-month mood episodes. I have spent most of that time in depression, some mania, and very few periods of stability. My psychiatrist told me that something had to change. Together we decided I would seek out an Intensive Out Patient (IOP) so I could receive more treatment. Another treatment may be called Partial Care Program (PCP) I have used both in the last two decades. Typically after a hospitalization, my doc would recommend a PCP. This usually entails a five-day-a-week program for three to five hours a day. This is a good step-down treatment after a hospital stay. IOP in general is not as time-consuming. Currently, the IOP I am attending is three days a week for three hours each of those days. Some people, including myself, have gone from the hospital to Partial Care and then down to Intensive Out Patient. This process is a gradual stepping down of treatment to help recover and eventually one can return to individual therapy once a week.

I realized I needed more treatment and stepped up from one therapy session a week to an IOP. There I receive treatment with a medical provider, individual weekly therapy, and several hours of group therapy a week. The group therapy I am attending uses both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). I have found it to be very helpful. Giving and receiving feedback from the group members and facilitators is very useful. And I look forward to acquiring some new skills and continuing my treatment over the next couple of months.

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Today I will choose my teachers with greater care. -- Unknown

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