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Using A Lightbox For A Change In Seasons Or Depression

Light from a  lightbox, used regularly, can help with SAD symptoms and depression,
Light Therapy is a useful tool for depression.

I utilize a lightbox each morning in the fall and winter. Turning back the clocks an hour for Daylight-Saving time means it will get dark here in the northeast at five pm. The days seem so short. The absence of light really affects me. I think I may have a touch of SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder. It usually takes me several weeks to feel comfortable about the amount of light available during the day in fall and winter. I get a sinking feeling when the sun starts to disappear around 4 pm. Once winter sets in I have adjusted and I feel better about the shortened days.

Sitting in front of the lightbox while I am reading motivational literature, praying, and meditating for an hour or so seems to help. The box gives off bright light that imitates natural outdoor light. Light Therapy is believed to affect brain chemicals associated with mood and sleep, helping depression, SAD symptoms, sleep disorders, and other conditions. I have been using a lightbox regularly for fourteen years. It is a natural part of my morning routine and I look forward to using it each day. The only times I do not use the lightbox regularly is if I am hypomanic or manic. I don't want any more stimulation.

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