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Mental Health Episodes Are Traumatic Events

Person experiencing the pain to bipolar disorder.
Bipolar Disorder and other mental health episodes can be traumatic events.

I belong to NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. I attend their support groups which are peer-to-peer groups for individuals with mental illness. In our principles shared at the beginning of each meeting one really resonates with me. And that is mental illnesses are traumatic events. I have been trained to be a facilitator of these groups. It is extremely helpful for me to be a part of this organization and to take part in support groups. It is a safe place where I can share openly and honestly knowing I will not be judged.

I have been unable to write this blog for several days as my bipolar disorder is kicking me around something terrible. It has been a very hard year bouncing back and forth from depression to mania within all of the past twelve months. Recently things were amped up and I am experiencing ultra-rapid cycling some days experiencing mania and depression in the course of a few hours. These are traumatic events because it negatively impacts my entire life including relationships with my loved ones.

I hope for a better year in 2023 and will continue to attend NAMI support groups.

If you'd like more information on this organization visit:

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