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Experimenting With My Bipolar Medicine

My experimentation with medicine with my bipolar journey.
Experimenting with medication, increasing, decreasing and discontinuing, needs to be done with a doctor's permission.

A couple of years ago my doctor agreed to reduce all medications to see if we could get to the point where I was not taking any meds. My psychiatrist told me that he would not agree to experiment like this with all of his patients. He said that because I am compliant, aware of my symptoms and regularly report them, that I was inciteful and constantly working on my mental health journey that he would work with me to reduce or discontinue all medication. He was firm about the idea that this was an experiment and not to be too tied to the idea of being on no meds.

It took several months of titrating down on five medications, one at a time. By the time I was only taking one, I became manic and he had to prescribe an antipsychotic. In the following years I had episode after episode. In this last year I experienced a twelve month long episode of rapid cycling. Now I am on three different pills, with increased dosages.

I met with my doctor yesterday and asked him if he would do another experiment to start decreasing dosages and work on one medication at a time again. He agreed a little reluctantly. I am taking the number one and two meds that cause weight gain. I am a lot heavier than I was for the majority of my life before being diagnosed and treated. These culprits reek havoc on my self esteem. Which is almost as bad as a bipolar episode. I am happy to be decreasing one of the pills little by little, it is a good start to the experiment. And I know that this experiment may not work out to my liking of not having to take any drugs. I would not recommend changing any medication without the support of a physician.

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"Speak to your body in a loving way. It's the only one you've got, it's your home, and it deserves your respect." -- Iskra Lawrence

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