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Lethargy When Taking Medications

More sleep may be necessary when starting a new medication.
Lethargy as a result of taking medication.

Many medications prescribed for mental illness cause tiredness. In my experience, it can range from slight drowsiness to exhaustion, where a nap is necessary at some point in the day. I have often noticed that I return to my normal energy level a few weeks after starting to take a new medication. Don't get me wrong, even then I could sleep at most any part of the day if I chose. If exhaustion exists for more than a few weeks I would contact my psychiatrist. The pamphlets I receive each time I pick up medication at my pharmacy state - Remember that this medication has been prescribed because your doctor has judged that the benefit to you is greater than the risk of side effects. I wonder if the writer of this statement has ever taken medication or experienced the side effects.

Many mental health meds have multiple side effects which could include drowsiness.
A medication side effect could be tiredness

I recently started a different mood stabilizer and I was extremely tired for weeks. I am feeling better now that I have acclimated to the drug. I am also changing from an extended-release (ER) version of another medication to the regular script. So I expect to feel drowsy or extremely tired a few hours after I take it in the morning. I like taking extended-release meds as then the amount of drug in my system is pretty consistent over a twenty-four-hour period. The ER medication had an exorbitant cost so my doc switched me to the regular dose. As long as I am aware of the side effects, such as lethargy, I can plan accordingly.

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